Project Description

VIMATARISSA (Smartphone App – Android – English Version)

VIMATARISSA (Smartphone App – iOS – English Version )


The Internet is the sphere of speed, information and image. It’s therefore difficult these days – especially for young people – to read extensive texts with deep meaning, on the Internet. On the other hand, sayings and short narratives from Orthodox spiritual life are pleasant to read, aren’t tiring and are easily remembered. Pemptousia has understood this reality and has put together the category ‘Words of Life’, with sayings and short stories which the readership has embraced with great interest and warmth. Particularly for those who access Pemptousia from small devices such as smart phones or tablets, ‘Words of Life’ are by far the first choice of reading material. With this in mind, Pemptousia has introduced the application software it has called ‘Vimatarissa’ (after the patronal icon of the Mother of God in the Holy and Great Monastery of Vatopaidi “Our Lady of the Altar”). With the Vimatarissa app, the public can access the Internet and read the ‘Words of Life’ on a daily basis, to their spiritual benefit.